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What You Might Read in Primal Labs Reviews about the Healthcare Industry’s Response to the High Blood Pressure Epidemic

If you have ever gone to the doctor’s office before you know that it can be stressful at times. This is the reason why some people suffer from White Coat Syndrome – their blood pressure reads higher than normal in the doctor’s office because they are nervous about being there in the first place. Many doctors recommend that people monitor their blood pressure with their own cuff for a week or two to get a better picture of what their blood pressure really is.


In some cases, those who are diagnosed with high blood pressure will need medication in order to treat it. Exercise and changes in diet, like limiting your salt, can make a big difference, but sometimes they aren’t enough. A physician may prescribe the following medications, according to Dr. Marlene Merritt, a renowned medical expert you can find on primal labs reviews:


  • Ace Inhibitors
  • Alpha Blockers
  • Beta Blockers
  • Diuretics
  • Vasodilators

Dr. Merritt notes that all of these medications serve a purpose but could result in side effects, so those are something to be aware of.  Dr. Merritt also warns that there other medications that the public should be wary of, like Lisinopril and metoprolol succinate, so it’s important to speak with your doctor beforehand about whether or not you should take medication.


In addition to speaking with your doctor, you may also want to check out Dr. Marlene Merritt’s book, The Blood Pressure Solution. If you have read primal labs reviews, you know that Dr. Marlene Merritt knows her stuff, and her book provides information on how to lower your blood pressure naturally.

About Primal Labs’ Supplements and Publications

There’s no question that many of us would love to achieve better health for ourselves and live our best lives. But where do you start and which companies can offer you tools and information that you can use to make some significant changes? If you are looking up Primal Health reviews, you may have run across the name Primal Labs. Primal Labs is a premier supplementation company based out of Texas that provides customers with cutting-edge products that reflect the latest peer-reviewed medical research and ingredients findings from around the world.


Supplements Offered by Primal Labs


  • FlorAdjust™
  • Smash-It!™
  • Shred-It!™
  • T-Supply Max™
  • BioMeric™
  • DuOmega 3 & 7™
  • OptiAge Level 1, Level 2™
  • CardioRelax AO™
  • HeartZest™
  • GlucoBurn™
  • Triflexarin™
  • CogniForce™
  • Thermo Power™
  • Bright Eyes™
  • Advanced Diet Complex™
  • Starch Be-Gone™
  • Dual Defense Prostate Support™
  • SleepTonin™


In addition to providing customers with superior wellness products, Primal Labs also funds and distributes publications from the world’s leading experts on nutrition and lifestyle management. These experts only use peer-reviewed research and their own findings to offer the general public easy-to-understand information that they can use in their everyday lives. Here are some of the publications offered through Primal Labs:


  • Smart Blood Sugar by Dr. Marlene Merritt
  • The Joint Pain Solution by Hugo Rodier, M.D.
  • The Blood Pressure Solution by Marlene Merritt
  • Longevity Secrets Dr. Eric Wood
  • The Metabolic Fix by Jason Hunter
  • The Unbreakable Brain


Primal Labs has achieved rapid growth in a very short period of time, and its team will continue to develop new products that reflect customers’ desires to get healthier. You can learn more about the products Primal Labs offers on this blog as well as wellness tips and other information related to public health.